Come away from your anxious hesitation into the storm of events.
Dietrich Bonhoeffer

The mission of the Simon Cyrene Group is to put faith and creativity into action to serve God and to serve our fellow man.

Using creativity as our resource, the sole purpose of the Simon Cyrene Group is to help other nonprofit organizations, foundations, communities, and individuals through strategic branding and design: graphic design, architecture, industrial design, garden design, and interior design. The Simon Cyrene Group is a creative think tank for positive change.

Our group is inspired by the man Simon of Cyrene. Picked from the crowd watching Christ struggle under the agonizing weight of the cross, Simon Cyrene helped carry the load. An African carrying the burden for a suffering Jew. Two different people. One who struggled. And another who refused to stand by and watch. WE CHOOSE NOT TO BE BYSTANDERS.

"Come away from your anxious hesitations into the storm of events."
- Dietrich Bonhoeffer

The storms of events are all around us. They are right outside our doors, across our streets, in front of our faces. They may be blocks away or oceans away. But they are there. The storms. We see them. We cannot help but see them. Do we watch the storms of events destroy the human spirit? Do we hesitate to jump in? Or do we, in total abandonment, take the leap?

We choose to leap. Will it be painful? At times, yes. Will we fail? Most assuredly there will stumbles. But we go. We go headstrong into the winds. We choose not to be bystanders to the storm. We choose to be participants in the life of the storm.

Simon Cyrene Group is based out of Rosedale in Homewood, AL.
The Simon Cyrene Group is a 501(3)C non-profit organization.

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