The ParSONage

The Parsonage is the fine art studio of Simon Cyrene founder and artist Terry Slaughter. Located in the East Lake neighborhood of Birmingham, Alabama, The Parsonage is a historic building adjacent to and a part of the historic East Lake Methodist Church. The Parsonage Studio is a place of creativity, connectivity, and contemplation. Along with Terry Slaughter’s own body of work, the space will also be a place for art education and art therapy for youth and adults from within the East Lake neighborhood. Residents can participate in painting, drawing, and sculpture classes as well as a writing and theatrical arts programs. The Parsonage embraces the belief that beauty not only comes from God but is God. Creating beauty is a chance to be in the dance with Beauty. The Parsonage campus will also include expansive green spaces to include prayer gardens, labyrinth and outdoor gathering spaces.


Abide, an initiative of Simon Cyrene, develops, finances, furnishes, and manages beautiful affordable housing in Birmingham, AL and surrounding areas. It is designed specifically for the low-wealth individuals and families who ordinarily would find it difficult…if not impossible…to own a home. Simon Cyrene will hold the mortgage for 3 years as our residents pay towards the principle. During these 3 years, we help them develop a plan to obtain a home mortgage. We believe this model will help increase home ownership among low-wealth communities. 


More to come.